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House Exterior - Interior Painting in Eugene, OR
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Old-Fashioned Techniques and Today's Technology for a Superior Finish!

Imagine a finish so exhilarating it shines over every square inch of your home with a warm even glow. From corner to corner there are no interruptions at cracks and seams that once invited dirt, moisture, and insects to live. When you sweep the palm of your hand across the finish you feel how thick and even the paint is and how easily it repels dirt and moisture.

A Finish with the Quality, Look and Feel Like it's Been Dipped in Paint

With a superior finish, your favorite color scheme becomes rich, alive, and vibrant with beauty. It's fullest color and protective potential is harnessed and will provide your home or business with long lasting beauty and protection for many years to come.

Painting isn't Rocket Science, it's an Art

When hiring a true professional painter your home or business gets the quality and attention it needs and you ultimately desire. At Custom Brush Co. we specialize in painting and make sure your home or business gets the highest quality in painting possible. We're dedicated to not only your total satisfaction, but to make ourselves proud by leaving your place with the best paint job possible.
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Custom Brush Co. Benefits

Professional Application Techniques

Application techniques that achieve superior finish results by combining the old-fashioned brush and roll application methods with the new technology of the airless spray unit. With Custom Brush Co. you get the best job quality on the market at an affordable price.

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We pride ourselves on being on schedule and delivering what we promise.

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Comprehensive Proposals

Don't get stuck waiting for your estimate in the mail! Get your results the same day and learn as much as you can about the contractor you are about to potentially hire to paint your most valuable possession.

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Competitively Priced

We're priced competitively with painters that provide true craftsmanship and quality and who run a sincere paint contracting business. Honestly though, we can't compete price wise with the many "blow and go" painters out there running around with a license. If it's quality you're after, you could do a better job yourself than to hire a "speedy" paint crew. Call us when you desire honest, top-notch professionalism and quality of work.

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Efficient Business Systems

To run a great service in any business it takes using and improving systems on a continual basis. Businesses fail each year and all because they have no systems to follow. We strive to create systems that make our business work smooth and efficient for you so your service always remains consistent.

The Best Preparation

For your paint job to last and stay looking great for many years to come it takes excellent prep work. We spend the time to do it right. From scraping all loose and peeling paint, to sanding all paint edges smooth, to using the best primers for the job, then caulking every seam on your home where breathability is not a concern, you get the best paint job possible. Unless you specify in the contract, we do the best prep work your home can get, and we have limits on how little prep work your home gets. We just don't sacrifice a quality paint job.

Premium Paint

A top of the line paint always pays for itself. We obtain contractors pricing and pass on the same savings to you.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We aim to keep our clients completely satisfied by delivering the highest quality in painting possible and guaranteeing our workmanship.

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Need Help Choosing Your Colors?

Choosing your colors is probably the most exciting part of having your home painted. Since color effects us so much on an emotional level, and since it adversely effects the mood of any room, painting quickly becomes one the most valuable assets in your home's design and construction. A great paint job not only keeps the surface under it protected from failures, it also beautifies it, giving you and your home a very high value for the investment.

When considering what colors to choose for your next painting project, you may not know exactly what you want, or perhaps you may simply desire confirmation on colors you have already selected. Whatever the reason, once you have gotten into our schedule, you're entitled to a free complementary color consultation.


Each year as the seasons change our homes are constantly fighting off the elements. The paint and caulking on our siding, windows, and doors keep the moisture, dirt, mildew, and air out. As dirt and mildew build up from the constant seasonal bombardment our homes begin to fail earlier than necessary. Early failure can mean painting earlier, re-siding unnecessarily, installing new windows and doors unnecessarily, and even paying hire electricity bills especially when allowing failures to go for a number of years unattended.

Furthermore, our concrete driveways & pathways and roofs are continually prone to mildew and dirt build up, making them slip hazards not to mention an eye sore. Plus, our gutters easily fill up with leaves and mud, making our downspouts useless after a while.

All these problems that arise with the changes of the season are the key factors that cause our homes to fail earlier than necessary and just plain look like they're in sad shape.

Therefore, at Custom Brush Company, we offer a list of services to keep your home looking beautiful and in great shape.

There many benefits of having Custom Brush Company maintain the beauty of your home:
  • Premature home failures are kept to the natural ageing process.
  • Mildew, moss, and dirt build up on your roof, driveways, and walkways are kept to very minimal keeping them clean, and free of slip hazards.
  • Dirt and leaves are kept out of your gutters that eventually make your downspouts useless.
  • Your home is kept up looking in great shape and lasting for as long as possible.
  • Future paint jobs happen less frequently, also keeping your siding, windows, and doors to need replacing.
  • The concrete around your home lasts many years in great looking shape.
Our Annual Maintenance Services
  • Annual Home Pressure Washing
    2 years after your home has received a fresh paint job, have us remove the mildew and dirt build up and prevent early paint failure.
  • Home Pressure Washing & Touch Up Job
    4-6 years after you've had a great paint job but see some signs of caulking that's cracking around windows and doors, or fascia board is in it's first signs of failure, then have us to repair these minor signs of failure before they turn into major signs of failure. By keeping up on minor failures, you will add even more life to your paint job, adding a few more years to the complete life of your paint job as well as greatly reducing the cost of repainting.
  • Roof Pressure Washing with a Mildew Prevention Coating Application
    Here, we gently pressure wash your roof, removing all dirt and mildew as well as removing all debris from your gutters. Once dry, we apply a mildew prevention coating. When you have a cedar shingle roof, then once gently pressure washed, and the roof is thoroughly dry, we apply a water repellent cedar roof treatment. If needed we repair damaged shakes before applying the roof treatment. See this article about maintaining the life of your cedar roof. Cedar Roof Care & Maintenance.
  • Concrete Power Washing with a Flexible Coating Application
    We start by Pressure washing your concrete, removing all dirt and mildew, then once dry, we apply Sherwin Williams SHERCRETE® Flexible Concrete Waterproofer.
  • Pressure washing For Miscellaneous Items
    Often you may have a fence, outside furniture, or some other item you need pressure washed. While were servicing your home, have us clean up these smaller items as well.

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Estimates Sealed & Delivered With a Promise
We make receiving an estimate feel much like getting a check up with your doctor. We simply discover how we can best revive the health of your home by doing a complete and thorough examination, and then provide you with an estimate of what the exact price is going to be for all paint, labor, and materials. Your estimate is delivered as a promise, Which means the price will not change unless there are changes or additions made in writing.

The Estimate process is as follows:

  • To start, you and your Sales Consultant will take the initial walk around your home. Together you will go over any questions or concerns, make sure there are no areas of unexpected failures, and discuss how, why, and what will need to be done.
  • Then, your Sales Consultant takes another walk around, gathering measurements, and double-checking for any areas possibly missed on the first walk around.
  • Once all the measurements have been taken and calculated, your Sales Consultant writes a detailed proposal and goes over it with you making sure everything is correct.
  • After the proposal is complete and mutually understood, then you also have an opportunity to get into our booking schedule.
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