Our History in Eugene, OR

Our Mission

At Custom Brush Company, we know the success of our employees is vital to our success and to yours. We strive to empower each individual we hire, give them the skills of a professional, and a job or career they can be proud of. Through our unique infrastructure, we are able to bring you:

Our Culture

  • Consistent quality painting with every crew we carefully put together.
  • A team of painters happy to be painting your home.
  • An above average paint job where you can literally see and feel it will last for many years to come.

Our Unique Infrastructure

Our company is designed to create teams of talented painters that are complete, professional, operating units with the skills and tools to handle any job we take on.
Paint Store – Painting in Eugene, OR
The Crew Structure:
  • Each Crew contains 2-3 members with a Crew Leader to guide the way.
  • Each Crew is equipped with a Crew Tool Kit containing jointly shared tools & supplies.
  • Each Crew Member carries a Personal Tool Kit.
  • Each Crew Member receives ongoing, extensive training, on the subjects of Paint Chemical Make Up, Process of Painting, and Paint Application Technique.
Your Crew Leader will:
  • Be there for any immediate questions or concerns you may have during the painting process.
  • Ensure consistent quality is maintained among Crew Members workmanship.
  • Make sure your home gets the best paint job possible.
To ensure our company crews operate efficiently and that your project goes smooth as possible, a Field Manager works closely with you and the Crew.
Your Field Manager will:
  • First contact you 2-3 weeks before we start your job.
  • Make sure you have selected your colors.
  • Do a final inspection before the job is considered ready for the final walk around inspection.
  • Do the final walk around inspection with you at job completion.
  • Make sure the project timing and orientation is smooth and on time as possible.
Working closely with your Field Manager is Your Sales Consultant.
Your Sales Consultant will:
  • Schedule and deliver your free complimentary estimate.
  • Get you into our schedule.
  • Schedule and deliver you a free color consultation if needed.
  • Make sure the Field Manager, Crew Leader, and you know what your job entails by doing a through measurement assessment of your job, then writing a clear and easy to understand Job Proposal.
Finally, to ensure the training for each of our employees is highly successful, we provide ongoing training both in the classroom and on the job. A Field Trainer ensures all production is done using the same systems and processes by each crew we carefully put together.
Pantone Color Palette – Painting in Eugene, OR
Paint Specialist in Paint Store – Painting in Eugene, OR